Emotional Trauma

Emotional Trauma does not necessarily mean you have to be a war veteran. Any life event which causes significant physical and/or emotional injury and distress, in which the person powerfully experiences being overwhelmed, helpless, or trapped, can become a traumatic experience.  The following are lesser-known examples of traumas that often bring devastating physiological and psychological distress:

  • Death of a loved one
  • Divorce, Infidelity
  • Survivor of family or friend suicide
  • ullying, prolonged or chronic rejection at home or by peers
  • Physical abuse as a child or adult (domestic violence)
  • Sexual assault, rape, molestation, incest
  • Loss of one's home or business, financial devastation
  • Abortion guilt, infertility, miscarriages
  • eglect by a primary care giver (lack of attention, food, time)
  • Emergency responders with chronic exposure to death or violence
  • War and natural disasters
  • Witnessing Violence
  • Adoption/and or foster care
  • Phobias

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