What if I want a counselor that is a Christian or Christian counseling?

Many people in the faith communities want a therapist that relates and understands their beliefs and value system. It can be scary to open up your life to a stranger and not have any idea of their background and views. On the other hand, it can be frightening to admit areas of struggle and where you may fall short in your own beliefs. 

As a Christian counselor, I am not here to judge you, criticize you or make you feel "less than". (Personally, I believe we do a pretty good job of that ourselves!) Truly, I want to help you get through your struggles, get your life back on track and to not steer you towards paths that go against your own beliefs. As Christians, we have the same struggles that others do, Christians and non-Christians. The difference in counseling is your beliefs will be acknowledged, valued and upheld during the therapy process. 

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