Are you sad most of the time? Irritable? 

Does it seem like "nothing" will get better?

Depression can cause you to have a bleak view of your future. Negativity can cloud your thinking. Sometimes people may be extremely depressed where it's hard to get out of bed, to get moving and to just go about daily routines.

Others who have mild depression may view their life through a negative lens. Sure, you may be able to carry out  your responsibilities and obligations throughout the day; but life has become "blah," not much pleasure or enjoyment.

Irritability and anger can be the outward appearance of underlying depression. You do not have to stay this way. There is help for you and I have methods of treatment to aid you in overcoming depression.

You deserve to enjoy the life you have been  given and not be held captive. I can show you ways to overcome negative thoughts and keep feelings of sadness from taking over your life. However, there is not a one size fits all treatment. I keep up with various treatments that work best for healing. We will work together to come up with a plan unique to you and your needs.

The time for taking back your life is now. Contact me at 577-3994  for your FREE consultation. If you or I do not think we're a good fit, I will give you some referrals.