Contact    me, Patty Behrens, at (559) 577-3994 or    click here    for counseling in Fresno at 7944 North Maple Avenue, #107, corner of Nees and Maple.

Contact me, Patty Behrens, at (559) 577-3994 or click here for counseling in Fresno at 7944 North Maple Avenue, #107, corner of Nees and Maple.

Are you feeling "stuck", unable to move forward?

Is anxiety, grief or trauma taking over your life?

 You are wanting to get through your pain, calm the turmoil inside your head, get back to some sort of normalcy, but nothing seems to help. Maybe you've tried different things or well-meaning friends and family have given unsolicited advice that only makes you feel worse.  

Don't give up.

You can get help, make changes and

you don't have to do it alone. 

I believe you can heal, feel better and get pleasure back in your life.

I help you through these struggles with cutting edge techniques, Brainspotting, EMDR & other brain-based techniques, to resolve the underlying causes and live the life you desire, Despite the lies inside your head telling you life will never get better, there is hope and you can look forward to getting out of bed each day. You don't have to "put on" the front to survive the day. I believe you deserve to be free of the pain and fears that keep you stuck. You can live an abundant genuine life.

I became a therapist later in life after dealing with my own life struggles and finding hope again. My own journey grew a passion in me to help others have hope again and heal. 

I help people who think all hope is lost, who wonder if they can really ever heal, who are tired of dealing with things that keep them stuck like daily stresses and anxiety or trauma. It can be getting through a life event, a loss, crisis, a change that has occurred or dealing with past issues that keep coming up. I consider it an honor to come alongside you to as regain yourself, have renewed hope, and reclaim your life.


Take the first step, call (559)577-3994 or email me  at my Fresno office to schedule your FREE 15 minute phone consultation.

During the consultation we will talk about your concerns and ways I can help. I will answer any questions you may have.  After our discussion, if you or I feel that someone else or other means would help you more and be a better fit, I will give you some referrals and resources.  There is no obligation to schedule an appointment.  Contact me now for your free consultation.

Counseling can be scary. Even making this call can cause anxiety. Be assured I will not judge you or think you are crazy. Counseling is simply getting help for your struggles. We all need help sometimes and in a variety of ways.  Consider therapy as an opportunity for you to improve your life. It's all about you and what you are going through. It's hard to make that call and find someone you can trust to guide you. Be assured I am passionate about you getting the right therapist fit for you and will give you referrals if we are not a good fit. I'm about you getting the best help you need to heal, find hope and live an abundant life. Your call to me is confidential and any message left is on a confidential voice mail.




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